Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa S.A.

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Sugar has been an inherent part of the Polish cuisine for almost 200 years. The highest quality is ensured by Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa S.A. - manufacturer of “Polski Cukier” brand - perfect for various food products, baking, beverages, ice creams, desserts and confectionery.

Our offer includes a variety of packaging for a range of clients in the industrial sector. Due to a long time cooperation of KSC S.A. sugar refineries with food, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers we can guarantee the experience needed to meet any specific needs and requirements.

Sales Offer

White sugar

  • Bulk – 25 t tank cars, transported directly to the client

  • Big-Bags – 1 t polypropylene bags

  • Bags 25 kg (paper)Bags 50 kg (paper and polypropylene)

  • Bags 50 kg (paper and polypropylene)

Segregated white sugar

  • wide range of fractions, available in all packaging

Icing sugar

  • 25 kg packaging


  • Delivered in: tank cars and rail tank cars directly from the sugar refinery or transported to a designated place.