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Sweeties present the advertisement campaign of Polski Cukier brand products!

Easter Campaign is a continuation of the 2014 communication campaign for Polski Cukier brand:

The catchphrase is part of the national promotional campaign for Polski Cukier brand in key media: TV, press and Internet.

COOKING COMPETITION – SWEETIES COOK is an interesting addition to the campaign.


An extensive campaign will take place in the pre-holiday season and include advertisement spots broadcast by TV channels with the highest reach and press advertisements in the women’s magazines.

Internet campaign involves constant presence of “Sweeties” on Facebook, “Sweeties Cook” competition, food and parenting blog and portal campaign and presence on the following sites:, and

The company will generate almost 80 million contacts with the consumers in our target group.

Sweeties say: „It’s not sweet unless it’s Polski Cukier. Truly Easter taste only with Polski Cukier!”